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Now at Border Town: Curbside Ordering

We heard your feedback and now we are happy to introduce CURBSIDE ORDERING at our Rio Grande City (755) and Los Villarreales (Midway) locations! Watch our short video on how curbside works or read the steps below.

Step 1: Drive up to the designated parking space.

Step 2: Call and an employee will promptly meet you at your car to take your order.

Step 3: Place your order and give the employee your form of payment.

Step 4: Wait for the employee to quickly return with your items and form of payment.

Border Town wants our community to feel safe during these times. Masks and/or face shields and gloves will be used while retrieving your items. Curbside Ordering will take place from 11 AM-6 PM on Monday-Friday. We accept cash, credit, debit, T-EBT, EBT, WIC, and Food Stamps. The minimum amount is $15.00. We are currently working on implementing Curbside Ordering in other locations as well. If you have any questions, refer to our Facebook/Instagram page to view the video or fill out a contact form on the Home page. Thank You!

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